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You know, in the world today when you are doing very successful in a business and threatening other competitors, it’s human nature for them to get jealous and thus leads them to be thinking of all kinds of dirty tactics to defame you just to pull away your business.

This is the exact latest case that we have discovered – Justin Lim from using email This so called Justin Lim who operates a Maybank account belonging to Khor Ngin Choo not only stole our brand, but has also developed a free blogspot , create fake emails and backdate their entries to make things real. He has also created another fake name Jason Chong and email to con more innocent people!

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Well, free emails and free blogspots are the best tool for conmen to use nowadays. It’s sad, but it’s a real fact that all of us have to face. We have all the lawful registration details, and together with our many 0% Turnitin Similarity screenshot proofs that comes at high quality write up contents, together with our strong Facebook fan community, you would be definitely wise enough to distinguish who is the conman here and who is the legitimate service provider here.

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Malaysia Assignment Helper & Thesis Writer Consultancy Services

We, Julius Chang Consultancy Services (Comp. Reg. No. 95728), are committed in helping you with your assignments, thesis and researches by providing professional writing services to you.


If you need any assistance in the area of assignment, thesis, dissertation, journal, SPSS, online forum discussions, final year project, case study, programming, design and so on; you have came to the right place. Our mission is to help you and support you in your academic courseworks to ensure that you achieve better grades.


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Malaysia’s Professional Assignment Helper & Thesis Writing Services

We are a team of research experts from Malaysia’s lawfully registered company Julius Chang Consultancy Services (Comp. Reg. No. 95728), here to offer our assistance, writing and consulting services with your research assignments particularly in the areas of thesis, dissertations, journals, online forum discussions, FYP, and so on.

We’re involved in a wide diversity of subject areas ranging from business, management, legal, sciences, engineering up to programming and designs; and our team of research experts and professional consultants are readily available to help you towards your successful completion of your assignments.

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Julius Chang Consultancy Services (Help4Assignment) – Malaysia Assignment Helper & Thesis Writer

We are the only Malaysian registered academic assistance company under Julius Chang Consultancy Services (Comp. Reg. No. 95728), providing services such as assignment helper, thesis writing service, dissertation help, journal writer, case study service, SPSS analysis and much more.

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